Fantasy porn with Johnny Rapid

johnnyrapidBig Dicks At School is probably my favourite site for student, teacher, college and classroom fantasy porn. This site from keeps coming up with new series and new ideas for how horny hardcore might happen among the guys who live at this college of cock. Here we’ve got a bit of a double whammy as not only do we have the start of a new series, Spring Fever, but the virgin series opens with two virgin guys; at least two new models for the site, versatile bubble butt bottom Johnny Rapid and cut top Donny Forza, both appearing in their first porn flick for this top site.

The scene starts with some of our sexy students arriving at their new frat house and taking a look around. It’s a big house, it’s even got a pool, and while most of the guys dive straight in there, Johnny Rapid has other ideas and checks out the master bedroom with Donny, locking the door carefully behind him. He gets straight to work on Donny’s cock, right through his skimpy red shorts, and Donny doesn’t put up much resistance, he lets the cute student go down on his cock and gets it nice and hard for him. Johnny’s lips wrap around the shaft perfectly as he swallows it all before offering his own.
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Donny’s up for some of that, I mean why not? They are friends and frat buddies and so he starts sucking Johnny’s cut cock while still stroking his own. But, after all, Donny is supposed to be straight and so he needs to fuck something, and when there’s no pussy then Johnny’s ( click here for his twitter account )tight ass will do instead. Johnny offers that up willingly too and is soon on his knees on the bed with his buddy right behind him, drilling his hole slowly and calmly at first. But things do heat up and Donny grabs Johnny’s hips, pulling him back harder and faster onto his solid shaft.
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The guys fuck like this for a long time before Johnny decides to sit on Donny’s dick instead, facing him so he can run his hands over Donny’s smooth, muscled chest. The guys talk dirty as the fuck which makes this an even hotter scene and they both lose themselves in the moment which sparks off chemistry and makes thing very realistic. Donny finally pulls out so he can gay cum over Johnny’s chest and Johnny drops his jizz onto his flat stomach.

I reckon we are going to see a lot more of these two young bucks in the future, at least I hope we are. It’s a great debut performance and I can’t wait for more of these guys and this series.