Serial Gay Fucker with Pornstars

Diego-SansDiego Sans plays a man addicted to gay sex. He’s a hunter in the middle of New York where it’s not animals he hunts for, it’s sexy hot men with beautiful hard bubble butts and a young, stiff dick. This city is known for not sleeping, but they do go to bed, at least Diego Sans does, and it’s with men. He sits in a park and sniffs them out, he watches them as they chat to their friends or even just walking by, and when he spies one that he likes the look of, they have already lost the match. He pounces on them, he is such a charmer, and good looking himself, he never loses. Nobody can say no to Diego Sans, and when you look at his sculptured body you can see why.
He has a chiselled out chest and muscular ass. His gay assand stomach are ripped and he has a strong jaw line. This man is more of a superman than anything else, a God walking amongst us mere mortals. He sees a hairy chest on a handsome pornstar, but he’s not in the mood for that today, his eyes wander around until he sees a good looking young man, a smooth looking man with a great ass. He is perfect for what he wants today. He makes his move and before we realise it, Nicoli Cole has been caught and in Diego’s strong arms, and in his bed.
Their lips meet and as they lay on top of each other kissing passionately, grinding their hips into each other. They strip their clothes off, revealing their naked hot bodies. Diego is the man in charge as Nicoli lies on his back with his legs wrapped around Diego’s waist, their cocks digging into each other. Diego takes both their cocks in his hands and strokes them up and down as electricity runs through their veins. He stands up and Nicoli gets on his knees on the bed and sucks on his seven inch uncut cock. With amazing close up action we watch in awe as this young man takes that cock deep into his mouth, almost taking his smooth ball-bag into his mouth at the same time. Saliva drips off his thick hard cock like string. The excitement builds up and Nicoli Cole shows off his athletic skills by doing a handstand. Both men suck on one another’s cock in an upside down sixty nine position. Nicoli then gets on his back, brings his knees up and spreads his legs open as wide as they can go as Diego runs his tongue around his smooth, hungry, asshole. Nicoli groans with built up excitement as he strokes his excited cock. Diego probes his tongue deeper into his musky tasting hole.

With Nicoli’s legs still spread wide, Diego eases his cock all the way into his dripping wet hole. Both men grunt and groan with animalistic lust as they fuck each other hard and fast. They fuck in all sort of positions and suck on their cocks once again, the pressure in their cocks keep building and building until they can’t hold back any longer. Nicoli Cole is sitting on Diego Sans’ thick cock, fucking him like crazy when his cock throbs as he’s getting fucked and his hot cum spurts out and drips down his pulsating cock. Diego pulls his cock out and his cum spurts out and up, managing to reach Nicoli’s slutty open mouth.
Before their cum has even finished drying itself on their sweaty hard bodies, Diego tells Nicoli that he’s had his fun, now beat it.
This is Diego Sans’ second flick with, his first one was ‘Swipe Part 2’ and also starred Jimmy Fanz. Diego is a hard top with a seven inch uncut dick. He has brown hair on his head, and all over his muscular body. He also has seductive brown eyes and he is five feet ten inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.
Nicoli Cole has made three other movies with and his first one was ‘Mistle Hoe’ where he gets his bubble butt fucked by Adam Bryant. Nicoli is a good looking young man with an amazing bendy body. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could bend over and suck on his own Seven inch uncut dick at the same time he was getting fucked. He is versatile top, has brown hair and Hazel eyes. He is five foot seven inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.

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